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NEXUS think tank is private and independent institution.

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NEXUS think tank is private and independent institution.

UGL Unione Generale del Lavoro sign the first National Collective Contract in Europe that protects Cyclysts and Riders delivering food.

The orobie wellness valley is a protected area of the oriental orobie park of lombardy, as well as the initiative by the same name that has the ambition to make the territory the most important european district in terms of healthcare and wellness.

UK new jobs support scheme.

Transform data into opportunity


The extraordinary opportunities of the new era impose challenges that can provide solutions to institutions, companies, organizations and the labor market.

Finding out the key numbers that can guide you in making wise and profitable decisions is one thing, interpreting them, using them and managing them so that they become precious is something different!

A concrete marketing and relational tool


As well as our global society evolves and expands, international relations are evolving and expanding along with it as we continue to explore new and exciting way to link our complex world.

Nexus Affairs and Relations for his interdisciplinary nature  and  cutting edge involves world wide activities blending the fields of economics, such as human rights, global poverty, the environment,  globalization, security, global ethics, and the political environment.

A continuous training for a system evolution


The Academy is set to be a key point of call for learning and development activity across the business, both in the UK and internationally from specialist training and consultancy to international leadership development programmes.

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NEXUS think tank is private and independent institution.