Nexus Lab is an open arena where researches business people, students and manager can get togheter to brainstorm exchange experience generate new knowledge, network and make the most of the opportuntity to make things happens.

Small and Medium sized enterprises are the key engine for the future  growth for regions and nations; that’s why we want to be a resource for this companies supporting them to benefit  from new knoledge and expertise.

Nexus Lab want to be an open and actractive collaboration between Academy, Industry and Public Body with the aim to:

  • Develop project, expertise and business model to attract new product, services and new technology
  • Preserve, generate and develope new employment opportunities
  • Develop knowledge and technology to attract business

Nexus Lab Furthermore wants to be a real incubator and a starting point for new projects.

Start-up are  important to attracts the positive attention from the people, society, and governments of most developed and developing countries. Even if start-up operations are rapidly developing now, most of them are in a spontaneous but unsystematic manner, without close connections, thus hampering their development process. Consequently, there is a need for research activities to go along with start-up enterprises throughout their development process, from conceiving ideas to germinating, accessing the market, expanding the scope and developing business operations in a stable manner.