On Demand

The Observatory, operating in both the private and public world, aims to provide innovative tools and services to understand society in economic, political and social terms, with a multidisciplinary methodological approach.

Read the data and interpret it to transform it, where possible, into an opportunity by anticipating the possible evolution of events through forecasting scenarios. 

  • Social economic forecasting scenarios on specific initiatives and projects
  • Periodic monitoring and reporting on the process of legislative measures
  • Intelligence on the Italian and international political scene
  • Monitoring and analysis of regulatory and institutional news
  • Monitoring, analysis and anticipation of the regulatory procedures at EU level
  • Support in participating in technical discussions and drafting of position papers
  • Accreditation programs and direct representation of the client’s interests
  • Investigations on the dynamics of work
  • Political and opinion research and polls
  • Ad-hoc networking activities on specific Media, Economic, Social and Political areas of interest
  • Coaching for entrepreneurs and managers
  • Business management courses for students and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Conference and Event on specific topic and research